“Masha is a wonderfully talented massage therapist – highly recommended! Masha’s skills and personable nature give her a clear advantage.  As a fellow bodyworker, I know when someone “gets it”.

Massage schools churn out graduates like so many products from a factory.  The majority of graduates find their way into corporate-owned strip-mall places, chain-spas, hotels, and the occasional chiropractic office.  Hey, it’s a job, right? Conversely, there are massage therapists who apply themselves with great passion.  Understanding that massage school is just the first step in the process; learning, growing, and diversifying in ways ordinary graduates are not inclined.  Branching out to yoga, nutrition, teaching, and a myriad of health-specific interests.  These select few are lifetime students who will not conform to a corporate business plan.  The “usual” career path does not apply here.  Masha is such a practitioner.  She has the admirable combination of skills, education, curiosity, and a sense of humility which sells itself.

As a client, you can expect a skilled, professional session with Masha.  There is no sales pitch, no up-sell, and no reason to look any further for your next massage therapist – you just found her.

Bottom line:  Masha offers a custom, empathic bodywork experience.  She does not subscribe to the usual, cookie-cutter massage you find at the big-name chains.  I can tell after our first session, it won’t be our last.  I look forward to my next massage from her.”

Josh L.

“Masha is a lifesaver! I could barely stand up straight, but after a few sessions with her I am back to being active and almost pain free. The techniques she uses are extremely effective, and she also gives me take-home exercises to do in between massages. I would recommend Masha to anyone looking to improve their life and get rid of body pain. Masha is amazing!!”

Heather O.

“I have been going to Masha for over a year now for help in healing my lower back injury. Now that I have become mobile and able to play sports again, Masha has been instrumental in me being able to lead an active life. Every time I go to Masha she remembers what my issue was and is always following up to see if an injury has healed or become better. In addition, she is very aware of where you are especially tight in your body and takes extra care to make sure she is working on these problem spots. Going to Masha is like having an expert take care of you to make you feel better and fit every single time. I am very glad and happy that I found a therapist that I can stick to! I always look forward to my next appointment. Highly recommend!”

Sid M.
“I first saw Masha for cupping therapy because of a respiratory problem that lingered longer than I wanted it to. Her treatment resolved it and I have been ever so thankful. I have given her card out to several of my friends already. I am sure her yoga instruction is as awesome as the cupping and acupressure she applies. Masha has a great deal of talent and a great deal of courage to engage in alternative medicine solo business; and for that, as well, she must be commended. I am sorry to say that I have lost faith in Western medicine. Rest assured, I will be back.”
Bonnie H.

“Masha has been a lifesaver,  I originally started seeing her because of back and neck pain (caused by sitting in front of a computer all day).  After a few sessions the aches and pains have gone away.  She would provide me with new stretches that I could do at work that would help correct my posture and relieve my back and neck pain.  Admittedly I was a little nervous going to see a massage therapist at first as I didn’t know what to expect.  All of that anxiety went away as soon as I met Masha, she is great at making you feel comfortable!”

Robby G.

“I had a 60-minutes massage with Masha last week and it was great! Masha is very knowledgeable, a skillful massage therapis. She has a great personality that made me feel comfortable throughout. I will definitely book a massage with Masha again. ”

Anna S.

“Masha, arrived exactly on time, and quickly set up in our backyard. Masha then proceeded to give me the best massage experience I’ve had in my life. It was a pretty “hard” massage, which normally leaves me hurting, but not this time. I feel like I’m inhabiting a different body. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it’s been a phenomenal experience. She asked a lot of questions, was friendly and kind throughout, and turned it into such a great experience in every way. Another reviewer said they wish they could give ten stars, I feel the same way. Top notch in every way! Not the cheapest, but by far the best, and she comes to you!! Run, don’t walk to book your next appointment!”

Eric H.

“I started going to Masha several years for a full-body massage on a Groupon. My body was full of knots and I wrote on the sheet that my goal was to seek them and destroy them.  She did just that and it’s always awesome. Not only is she the utmost professional, she is a truly talented and intuitive body worker. Leave your average massage behind! It takes a real gift to tune into someone else’s body and she’s got it!”

Cori P.

“Masha is great! I found her randomly on a Groupon, years ago and quickly fell in love with her touch. She helped me with postural correction once a week, and I did begin to see some improvement. Then my husband and I got into a car accident, in which we both had some serious whiplash. She helped us both SO much, and even referred us to a chiropractor that helped even further. We recently moved away from the central San Diego area and unfortunately can’t see her anymore, but I highly recommend her to anyone that needs a massage.”

Ashleigh V.

“Masha has magic hands. I tweaked my shoulder from a funny yoga pose, and she melted my muscles like butter! Highly recommend giving her a try!”

Tara S.www.radiatingnutrition.com

“Masha has the hands of an angel. After just 1 short session, my back feels 1000% better and I had the best nights sleep in a long time. I will highly recommend Masha to all my friends and family”

Drew R.
Angela B

“Masha was excellent.  She reviewed with me where my aches, tightness, and stress points were.  She asked what type of massage I preferred as well as how much pressure- light, medium, deep–I felt comfortable with.  Masha was great at finding all my super tight spots and was great at relieving most of my tension.  Throughout the massage,she adjusted pressure to my needs and made sure I was comfortable with the work she was doing.  I felt so much better when she was done.  I’ve already decided to visit her again.”


“You must go see her! Masha has the hands of a healer. She is genuine and caring. She takes the time to find out what is ailing her clients. Definitely recommend.”


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