Massage: Your choice of massage style. Whether you’re looking for a nice, relaxing, Swedish/circulatory massage, or if you need something a little deeper, I’ve got you covered. With tailor-fitted massage for your specific body needs, let’s design the right massage style for you!

Yoga: Whether you are a beginner yogi, intermediate, or advance practitioner, personal one-on-one yoga training can benefit you. It’s easy to get lost in a crowded sea of people during a busy yoga class, often-times getting overlooked by the instructor. It can be extremely intimidating for the new comer, especially when they start spouting out the names of the postures in Sanskrit…
Or maybe you’ve been taking yoga for some time now, just want to make sure you’re doing it right. Or you just have some questions. Do you have an injury that you have to modify poses for? Or are looking to learn some more advance techniques? Personal or small group, Yoga is for everyone.
Personal Training: Have you been struggling with weight management for some time now? Do you feel lost or confused when you go to the gym? Do the big, buff bodybuilders intimidate you? Perhaps it’s time to take matters into your own hands a find a training method that’s right for you. We’ll sit down and discuss your current habits, your goals and of course your excuses that are holding you back. Everyone can achieve the body they’ve always want with a little time, motivation, discipline. We’ll look at the foods you’re eating, not eating or why you’re eating them. As a team we’ll get you on a consistent path to the body you’ve always wanted!
Thai Massage: Thai massage is a slow meditative style of bodywork done on the floor with the recipient fully clothed, in loose, comfortable clothing, or workout attire. The work is done by slow, relaxing palm presses up and down the entire body with focus on tight spots. We then incorporate some gentle stretching. Imagine yoga being done TO you. For those that don’t like massage oil or cream, being undressed under a sheet or just feel like you need a good stretch, this work is for you.
Cupping Therapy: Rooted in Ancient Asia,  it is an alternative form of medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin with glass or plastic cups. This mobilizes blood flow, or Qi in the body in order to promote natural healing from within. Glass Cups can be suctioned on with the pressure of heat from fire, or in our case, a suction gun to the plastic cups. The cups remain on the skin for 10-20 minutes. These can and will leave a mark for 2-5 days and it is recommended to stay warm and dry, and covered from wind. Another option is gliding cupping with silicone cups. here, we are able to pull around the body and create a light suction. This option does not leave a mark.
Structural/Rossiter/Active Release Therapy: Based on the theories of Ida P. Rolf, movement techniques are the key to pain relief and ease in the body, not to mention balance the relationship to gravity. When looking to create better composition in the body and correct chronic structural problems, we must go beyond the muscle. We must touch into the fascia, or connective tissue. In all of these movement therapies, whether the recipient is on the table, chair, or floor, the goal is the same. Find the point of tension, and make it move. This can be done anywhere on the body, with little to no oil/cream. Athletic attire is required. Achieve quicker, longer lasting results in less time.
Nutrition Counseling: We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat” but how many people ever fully take that sentence and examine it? We are living in a world of programmed foodies, running around the world in search of the best, richest meals. We are fixated on how good everything tastes and paying no attention to what it’s doing to us on the inside. Food is more of an addiction these days are crack or heroine. Sugar, processed foods and our obsession with consuming animal products is slowly killing us. Let’s take a step back and look at what you’re really eating. A food diary is required, assisted grocery shopping trips are encouraged, as are simple at-home cooking lessons. Eating right shouldn’t be a trendy diet, a new fad, or even hard work for that matter. Let’s work together to create a total life style change and finally achieve those long-term health goals.
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