Masha Sorin LMT, RYT

Masha Sorin first found massage therapy in 2006 after graduating from the University of Toledo, OH with a BA in Arts and Sciences. She began practicing yoga at age 16, starting first with Ashtanga, then Bikram and Power Yoga. She received her first 200hr Yoga Certification in 2004 through the Rama Lotus Centre in Toledo, OH and then another in 2006 from YogaFit. She went on to receive several continuous education credits from School of Anusara Yoga, KidYoga, Zumba, Turbokick, Pilates, as well as teaching classes like Bootcamp, “On the Ball” Sculpt, and HIIT. It was from the yoga and the health and wellness community was where she discovered her love of bodywork.

In 2013, Masha obtained her California Massage License from IPSB, International Professional School of Bodywork. She took additional coursework in Structural Integration/Rolfing, Rossiter and Active Release & Myofascial Therapy.

Bodywork is a true passion for her and feels like it is something she has been called to do for many years. Her therapy style is that of active release techniques, myoskeletal allignment and deep tissue work, followed by some relaxing circulatory massage for the entire body. Fully licensed and insured, Masha aims to the relieve chronic pain, re-educate the body and to produce a brighter, happier you!